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    PCIT Online (Self-Paced) Experience

    The PCIT Online Certification Training Experience combines pre-recorded online instructional presentations with regular, one-hour face-to-face instruction with a Certified PCIT Global Trainer.

    The Self-Paced PCIT Training Course allows trainees to individualize their training experience - "learn when you learn best" - while still participating in a virtual classroom where they can learn from other trainees and receive ongoing guidance by a Certified PCIT Global Trainer.​​​

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    What is PCIT?

    PCIT is an evidence-based treatment program designed for caregivers and their young children (2 to 7 years old) who are experiencing social, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties.

    PCIT Certification

    Learn the 5 Steps to Certification in Parent Child Interaction Therapy.

    Group Discounts

    Organizations save 20% off the listed PCIT Training prices when you register 4 or more professionals.

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    Online (Self-Paced) Training Experience

    • We encourage you to watch the YouTube video for more details about the PCIT Online (Self-Pace) Training Experience.

    Benefits of Online PCIT Training

    • Best of both worlds - trainees review instructional materials at a time that works best for them, and then trainees engage in weekly discussions about the content with other trainees and a PCIT expert trainer. 

    • This allows trainees to learn about PCIT skills at any time of the day or night, and then practice the newly acquired PCIT skills through role plays, mock sessions, and other related activities with a live group.

    • With the PCIT Online training course, trainees learn at their own pace, providing opportunities to slow down and better understand key concepts and skills which can reduce anxiety or frustration.

    • The PCIT Online training gives trainees regular opportunities to ask questions and receive immediate feedback while learning PCIT skills.

    • Cost Effectiveness - the Online PCIT Course allows trainees to avoid travel costs.

    • Convenience - Participants can access the online PCIT training materials 24/7.

    PCIT Online (Self-Paced) Training Package

    • The training package includes:

      • 24/7 access to 40 PCIT presentations

      • 12 months of consultation calls with a PCIT Global Trainer

      • Review of PCIT client sessions for certification

      • All PCIT training materials, including the ​​empirically-supported PCIT Protocol and PCIT Training Curriculum

      • Access to our PCIT Dropbox which contains a wide variety of resources and handouts

      • Access to the DPICS video library which contains over 50 parent-child videos for additional coding practice

      • 20% Discount with Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) when you order the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI)

      • Access to a Monthly Call with PCIT Global Trainers who present on important PCIT topics

        • Trainees are encouraged to continue to participate in this free monthly call even after they become Certified

      • When applicable, review of your PCIT Certification Application (no additional fees for application review)

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